Monday, May 26, 2008

Special Summertime Beverage Edition!

This has kind of turned into a place to post things for people to use as well as a place for me to record my notes, so, in that spirit, here is a specialtime-summerdrink edition! I posted this on some forums a few years ago, and it initially came from a little (jalapeno) recipe book my mom bought my brother. I make this every summer and love it dearly
Simmer one and a half cups sugar in a half cup water, mix constantly till dissolved (clear). Remove from heat
Add 6 cups water + 3/4 cup lemon juice (feel free to throw some lime juice in there if you want as well). Mix briefly.
Toss in two Jalapeno peppers, diced, but large enough to be removed later. Let sit in fridge for anywhere from an hour to a day, then remove peppers.
CAUTION: Do not boil the mixture with the peppers in it! That will make it way too spicy.
Stir and test it maybe every hour or two after the peppers have gone in to gauge it. If making it for a barbecue when you think it'll all be consumed in one day, feel free to leave the chunks in. Remember to sip the drink, don't gulp. Mixes well with gin, if that's your thing.


Robyn said...

Does the Jalepeno add instant spice or can it be weaker? (Or does that just defeat the whole purpose?)

jgcrawfo said...

It isn't instant, and it adds flavour as well as spice. Just test it every so often as they soak to see how you like it.

Ashlea said...

this was damn good. thanks James!