Friday, February 5, 2010

On Updates:

So bi-daily was a nice idea but I found myself scrambling or dredging through the kitchen sometimes when I didn't want to be. I would like to have a regular schedule, and when possible I will endeavour to do such, but I think a much more useful meter will be to set out some targets and try to get those done within the month.
To that end, my immediate goals are makowiec, hot cross buns, and pizza pops. For makowiec, I'd like to do a bunch of reading and do a write-up with sources and references and what I changed and why. Hot cross buns I will try a few different things with, like icing cross versus pastry cross or yeasted dough versus baking powder. The hot cross idea that sounds the best in my head right now is just making little brioche rolls and putting a sweet pastry cross with a hint of almond on top. Man I am looking forwards to that.
Also, pizza pops! The samosa dough I just used should work fairly well for that. It'll definitely take some work to perfect the filling, though, and I think I'd let the yeast get up to speed a bit more and let them rise a bit before baking so we get a lighter, pizza-ier dough pocket.
Also I'd like to make some 'healthier' (not full of butter) breakfast muffins, but I so completely non-stoked for baking muffins without butter that that is definitely lowest priority in my mind right now.
That's mostly what I hope to get up to before march, and I think it's very doable. I'm aiming to get those things done well and have some simple updates like 'pastry scraps:' or 'baked in buttery pastry in a ramekin'. Ten posts in February will be my minimum goal, assuming I don't leave town for a week again!

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