Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yes! (Apple-Mango Pie)

Well, that apple-banana pie I made a while ago had too much banana flavour in it, so I came up with something better: apple mango!
It is pretty much the same recipe as that pie, except:
  • Use lime instead of lemon for greater synergy
  • Slice the apples instead of chop them because that's just a better idea anyways
  • replace the mushed up banana with a very ripe mango.

  • This worked out wonderfully! Instead of banana permeating every bite, the mango only shoes up from time to time, and it adds it's own texture with the chunks that are still left.
    I actually ended up discarding some of the mango, but only the parts near to the outside which didn't mush easily under the force of my hands.

    Also, I made the pie crust with the juice of a half dozen strawberries, which made a gleefully pink dough, which tragically did not carry through to the end result.


    jgcrawfo said...

    Oh my god this is such a good pie.

    Kathryn said...

    I've never heard of using juice in pie crust before, I have no idea why not. Did it taste of strawberries?

    jgcrawfo said...

    You've probably never heard of it because it doesn't really do a whole lot. The pastry looked cute before it was baked, and had a slight pink hue afterwards, but there was minimal noticeable effect.
    Maybe eating just the pastry it'd be more noticeable, or maybe in something with a higher crust:filling ratio like turnovers it'd come through, but 6-8 tablespoons of strawberry juice in two and a quarter cups of flour isn't a whole lot.
    I may try juicing & reducing a bunch if I can get a good deal on strawberries later, but I don't know what the syrupy texture will do.

    I used dark cherry juice once, alternately sprinkling the dough with it and with water, which produced a cool marbled colouring effect, but again, no taste.

    (are you fruitkat?)

    Kathryn said...

    (yes that is me)