Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baked Eggs

I was thinking about cute breakfast foods the other day and thought that baked eggs with pastry might be a cool thing to make. Ideally, I'd like to make a dozen baked eggs in a muffin tin, but whereas I do not have a dozen eggs worth of egg-eating people around, I've just done two eggs in a ramekin instead. The recipe is actually set for four of these things, but you can always make as many as you actually want and leave the leftover pastry for scraps for later, or even use them to make a sweet breakfast pastry for after the eggs. I've added in some fried mushrooms, onions, and garlic because I'm eating it for supper, but you can augment these with whatever you might put in an omelette (cheese, chives, roasted red pepper, whatever).
it is only 352 pixels wide so you cant see the shaky-no-flashy
Anyways, TO MAKE:
-mix one cup pastry flour with a dash of baking powder and a dash of salt
-cube one half cup butter, then cut it through the flour
-sprinkle three tablespoons water on a little at a time, mixing gently
-turn onto a floured work surface and work slightly until it is just cohesive
-cut into quarters, place in fridge
-fry up half a portabello, two cloves garlic, and half an onion, all minced
-remove pastry from fridge, roll the quarters into circles, then place them in greased ramekins
-portion the fried business into the ramekins, then crack two eggs per ramekin on top, and season with salt and pepper
-bake at 350ºF for half an hour

I've seen another recipe online that calls for putting in one egg, then the bits and bobs, then the other egg, and that gives a cool effect too, but I just prefer the bits on the bottom of the egg.
Also, I like my yolk hard, so take a few minutes (five or so) off the bake time for runny yellows.
Also, in retrospect, the pastry might still be OK with only a third of a cup or butter. Having an eighth of a cup of butter per serving can't be a good idea.

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nickymo said...

These sound great. I wish I could eat cute breakfast foods all day. My aunt makes egg things in a muffin tin. Instead of a pastry, it's on a piece of sliced ham. She adds some spices and stuff and then eat them on english muffins or by themselves. They're delicious. I should try to find the recipe. (This is Nicole Lafreniere, fyi)