Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pastry Scraps: Cream Cheese Braid

Another pastry scrap idea, this time doable with a smaller amount of dough. This is using the scraps from the two pies from lunch today, but it's a fairly scaleable idea.
Quick and simple, I rolled the dough out into a rectangle about six or seven inches across and then as long as it would go. To form the braid, I trimmed the edges so this was a proper rectangle, then cut diagonal strips on the sides as per the following diagram:

The grey areas are to be cut off as scrap, the middle rectangle is where the filling goes, the top flap on the rectangle fold down and then all the little flaps on the side fold over the top, alternating sides. Sorry I didn't illustrate this on the picture, but you only cut off the grey areas and between the flaps on the side, the rest of the lines are just scored for reference. When you do this it should become self-evident when you're looking at it. The first time I made such a thing I did a paper cut-out first and folded it to make sure I understood what was going on.
The filling was about a quarter cup of cream cheese and two tablespoons of honey, creamed together and spread on the rectangle, plus a line of jam down the middle. Make sure to leave room around the edges as it'll spread out when you start folding!
When it's been filled and folded, back it at 350F for twenty minutes or so, or until it's done. Whereas this is a scraps project, the type of pastry you're using or the thickness of the pastry really depend on the circumstances, so just bake it till it's done.
You can glaze it with egg white and sprinkle it with sugar before you bake it, or brush it with sweet glaze when it's done, or, what I did was use up the leftover chocolate sauce from previous adventures and top it with that. Slice it into strips cross-ways (not lengthwise!) and enjoy!

Notice how I ate an inside piece but left the edge piece. Screw edge pieces

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