Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pastry Scraps: Pears & Jam

So I've made four pies this week, which has left me with a nice pile of scraps that weren't quite enough to make a full pie, but I needed to use them up, so I've made this kind of semi-pie thing which is a pretty decent snack.
I took all my scraps, made a ball, and cut it in half, rolling each half thin until I got two pieces that'd just cover the bottom of a pie shell. I then sliced a pear, tossed the slices with three tablespoons of blackcurrant jam and two tablespoons of honey, and put the slices on one of the two pastry pieces (which was now in a pie tin). The edge of the pastry got wetted by some dabs of water, then the other crust went on top, got liberally slashed for steam vents, and it all baked at 350F for 35 minutes.
In the last ten minutes of baking, I stole my mom's idea and put a little pyrex measuring cup on the stove where the oven vents it's heat, and used that to melt some chocolate chips and butter.
When the pastry was done, I took it out, slid it onto a plate, and drizzled chocolate over top. Scrumptious and pretty low-labour for twelve o'clock at night!
Wish I had a camera...

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