Monday, January 18, 2010

Plantain Pie!

My objective is to be updating this blog every other day now. I didn't keep up while I was away this past half-week, but I've got two things to type up that I baked but didn't blog while living with the vegan kitchener crew.
Keeping up with regular posts means some of these posts will be cool, some will be 'hey bake this in pastry scraps', and some will be 'so this didn't work, but I think I can fix it'. This plantain thing is a bit of all three.
Peel and slice two plantains and toss them in a bowl with one quarter cup sugar and one tablespoon ginger. Cover and set aside.
If you're making fresh pastry, make enough for a two crust pie or so, and add a quarter cup cinnamon for kicks. If not, that's cool.
Say 'Plantain Pie' a couple times aloud in optional assorted accents. Southern drawl is an obvious contender but british paper-boy is also pretty good.
I think 'flat pie' is going to be a theme of mine for a little while. I rolled this out as a pastry braid again, but if you wanted to do a flat-ish pie that's cool too. I just think they're pretty fun and easier to eat. What you're going for is to be able to layer the plantain pieces two slices thick, cover in pastry, and and bake until the pastry's done and the filling is soft, about forty minutes. Before baking, though, brush the top with water and sprinkle with sugar, and maybe more cinnamon if you're feeling reckless.
It is better hot than cold but it is a passable packable lunch-time snack leftover.

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